About ERCA

ERCA, the European Rubber Chemicals Association, represents the major manufacturers of rubber chemicals in Europe. ERCA is a Sector Group within Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council. 

ERCA’s main objectives:

To represent the rubber chemicals industry

To address the legislative and regulatory issues 

(which affect both producers & consumers of rubber chemicals)

To promote policy initiatives

to contribute to the competitiveness, growth and development of the rubber chemicals industry

To cooperate with

  • National & Supranational organisations (EU, OECD, United Nations)
  • Industry associations
  • Consumer organisations & Non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
  • Any relevant stakeholders

To ensure the development 

of scientific knowledge related to the whole life cycle of rubber chemicals


Francesca Filippini

Sector Group Manager

M: +32 477 513 026
E: ffi@cefic.be

Hannane Haddouch


M: +32 499 585 927
E: hha@cefic.be